Development of dynamic interior lighting elements

An Excellence team supported our client in the development of dynamic interior lighting elements. The goal of the project was the automated adaptation of LED light sequences according to driving speed. Our client has incorporated the developed components as standard in its e-vehicles, thus achieving benchmarking in the field of ambient/interior lighting.

Advancing development on all levels

Our team supported the client in all steps of the development process. Their tasks included:

  • Extensive analysis of initial situation
  • Matching of customer requirements and specifications with possible solutions
  • Examination of in-house production including evluation of supplier capacities for new products
  • Coordination of new development and further development of required electronic components
  • Adaptation of existing systems and assemblies through further development of electronic components
  • Focus: Accommodation of voluminous electronics in very confined spaces
  • Feasibility study for large-scale series production of new components

Mass production for the newest generation of e-vehicles

All developed components were installed by the client for the newest generation of e-vehicles. As a result, the project has pioneering impact as a benchmark in ambient/interior lighting. Our team has exceeded the client's demands and furthered the development of electric cars and electric vehicles.

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