Installation and commissioning of a 900MW transformer platform

A team of 6 Excellence employees supported our client in the installation and commissioning of a 900 megawatt transformer platform. The aim of the project is a loss-free transmission of offshore wind energy to the North Sea coast almost 100 kilometers away by the means of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. The platform is the largest of its kind in the world.

Versatile support in project management

Our team advised the client in project management at three different locations. Among their tasks were the following:

  • Project management support in the area of Erection & Commissioning
  • Trouble Shooting, Quality Management
  • Support for HSE topics
  • Support in site management
  • Support for the concept development in the field of Maintanance
  • Creation of logistics concepts, as well as spare parts concepts
  • Sea Fastening
  • Know-How-Transfer in other areas
  • Application of relevant project management and QM competencies to support the scheduling of the major project

Sustainable electricity for 1 million households

The project leads to a significant improvement in access to sustainable wind energy for one million households. The more efficient transmission of wind energy has solved existing inefficiencies and optimized power supply. Due to its dimensions and the modern technologies used, the project is of great importance in the energy turnaround (""Energiewende"") and the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies in Germany.

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