Our Culture And Values

Come to Excellence, where inventiveness meets sustainability! We have pioneering technology projects awaiting you that will inspire and excite you. We break through technological boundaries and have ambitious goals: Our mission is "Engineers will save the world!" and our Green Tech Jobs create lasting sustainability.

We at Excellence believe that the world of tomorrow will be created by visionary ideas, by people who embody innovation and make the impossible possible: by people like you. With Excellence, you will make the world a little better from project to project - Join Excellence!

Projects As Diverse As You

At Excellence, you will work on exciting planning and development projects in a uniquely dynamic environment. We operate in 9 different industries for global corporations and leaders in their field. From automotive, to energy projects and aerospace: we have projects that will inspire you.

Our diverse team comes from 48 nations and is united in our enthusiasm for technology and sustainability. We firmly believe that versatility and diversity enrich our world. Excellence embodies an atmosphere of openness and deep appreciation for each other, in which everyone is welcome. Excellence is made for you.

Become A Better You, Together

Excellence offers you the chance to outgrow yourself personally and professionally. Our open culture and inspiring projects provide the ideal environment for you. Together, we live out our passion for pioneering ideas and stand for visionary solutions in complex situations. Your ideas are celebrated at Excellence.

Alongside jobs with Impact, we offer you long-term perspectives in our versatile team, as well as amazing benefits. For instance, besides flextime, you get 30 days of vacation and a collective agreement that guarantees you good pay and amazing social benefits. For us, everyone is special.

Unique Benefits Tailored To Your Needs

  • Growth: we help you to outgrow yourself personally and professionally through coaching, mentoring and workshops
  • Impact: Your work makes a real difference in the world and delivers genuine value
  • Variety: Your projects are inspiring and exciting, we offer you versatility in a variety of industries
  • Work-Life-Balance: Your life with us is well balanced, with flexible working hours and rounded off by 30 days of vacation
  • Diversity: You work in a diverse team of 48 nations, regardless of your background you are welcome here
  • Collective Agreement: You can expect good pay and amazing social benefits, such as 6 months of sick pay - Excellence takes care of you!
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