Engineering & IT For A Better World

As international technology partner for Engineering & IT, we are your path to inspiring projects with real impact. Our teams operate in 9 industries for global corporations as well as for world market leading medium-sized enterprises. We specialize in state-of-the-art planning and development projects and continuously disrupt technological boundaries.

Our secret of success is our divser team from 48 nations spread over 11 offices in three countries. We all are passionate about technology and sustainability. Excellence makes a difference, which is why our mission is "Engineers, save the earth!" and our Green Tech Jobs generate lasting sustainability.

Engineers Will Save The World!

Better technologies for a better world: Engineering & IT have never been more important than today. Our goal is to find solutions where they really make a difference. That's why our solutions are sustainable and help both people and our environment.

We face the challenges of our time and make the world a little bit better from project to project. In doing so, we are certain that innovation and technological progress will produce solutions that will take us into a new age. That is why our mission is "Engineers, save the earth!".

Our Values Empower Us

We owe our success entirely to our stunning and incredibly supportive team. "Excellence" is embodied in our corporate culture as the standard we set for ourselves, both in our projects as well as in our social relationships. We are closer to people, whether in our teams or with our customers. In doing so, we live values such as openness and helpfulness, team spirit and the utmost appreciation for each other.

Our atmosphere allows each team member to act independently and on their own responsibility, in a way that is best for each individual. In this way, we tackle projects that really make a difference.

Culture Of Continuous Improvement

We at Excellence believe that change is an opportunity. Our dynamic environment is characterized by innovation and groundbreaking technologies. As a result, we constantly strive to outgrow ourselves.

For us, continuous training is a central component of our corporate culture. We know that we remain pioneers through constant improvement and in this way we dedicate ourselves to all of our projects. We think visionary, act innovatively and use our knowledge to break through technological boundaries. In this way, we become better day by day in what we do, in our projects and in our personal development.

Technology From People For People

At Excellence, people are at the center of our attention. Our solutions make life easier for everyone and create real value for the world. For us, true solutions are only those that satisfy all stakeholders. This is how we know that we are doing the right thing. In this atmosphere, it is a pleasure to collaborate together in an open and supportive team on inspiring projects. We offer you:

  • Green Tech Jobs that create sustainability in the world
  • Pioneering projects
  • Continuous improvement to help you exceed your own expectations
  • An inspiring, open and supportive team
  • Outstanding social benefits
  • and an atmosphere of deep appreciation and community

We care about you. So what are you waiting for? Join Excellence! ­čÜÇ

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