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31. März 2014 - Staffing Industry

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The expansion of German Engineering Service provider, Excellence AG, shows the growing importance of the Netherlands to German manufacturers. Under the leadership of Ronald Reudink and Bjorn Markerink, the company, which already has six offices in Germany and two in Austria, has established its new office in Hengelo in the eastern Netherlands

“The opening of our new location in the Netherlands meets the expectations of our German clients”, says Vera Calasan, CEO Excellence AG, who’s appointment we covered in our Daily News in October last year. “The expansion policy follows our client’s needs”, says the chairwoman: “We go, where our clients are.” “In the Netherlands engineering services is … a growing market”, comments Ronald Reudink, “we expect to open more locations in other regions of the Netherlands in the future.”

Hengelo connects the dots between Osnabrück, Essen, Arnheim and Apeldoorn and complements the nationwide coverage in Germany and Austria according to the company. Due to this, Excellence AG engineers, who have five years’ experience on average, are close to their clients and can be based at home. Their maximum travel distance is 100 kilometres.


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