Excellence AG is a German corporation with offices in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Worldwide, industrial firms are entrusting us with entire projects or using the expertise of our experienced engineers for their innovations or development plans. Entrepreneurs are ready for Industry 4.0. Executives can prepare their teams for the new era of Integrated Industries, using experts from a variety of fields, when and, as they need to.

Good technology and good relationships have a lot in common.

When it comes to technological sectors, we are the experts. We know what's important now and what will become important later on. We are active and inquisitive, and we want to understand your needs, identify your expectations and find the best solution for everyone involved – always.

With a unique combination of practical experience and industry expertise, we strive to forge lasting relationships. Our clients are our valued partners, and their needs always come first. We are respectful in our interactions and highly ambitious in our work. And together with you, we'll strive for EXCELLENCE – our name reflects both requirement and performance bond.

Engineering goes IT. Integrated Industries. Technological networking.

Excellence's main area of expertise is cross-sector transfer of know-how, in particular for integrative production and development technology in high-wage countries. We are engaged in several sectors, and our clients include big-name corporations, local specialists and globally leading medium-sized companies alike. Pooling our interdisciplinary expertise, we work with resident engineers or in one of our own Competence Centres close to the client.

Experience and quality creates exciting technology.

The Excellence team has over 25 years of experience in development and design. We take on full responsibility for the successful and timely implementation of technical projects. Our engineers are skilled in technical product design and develop the use of new materials with the help of approved partners in all sectors and fields. And we work with partners who are able to produce small series and individual batches.

The employees of EXCELLENCE AG are experienced in the development of automation solutions for mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical equipment, embedded software and robotics. Plus, they can provide teams with design support during the project phases. Industrial companies use our expertise in project planning and project management, as well as our proven experience in mass production. We'll add to your portfolio and boost your competitiveness with our know-how.



In a conclusive study engineers told us what is most important to them in their profession. Engineers want to get people excited about technical solutions that make their lives easier. As a specialist in technological industries and projects, it's our goal to bring the right Excellence engineers together, at the right time, in the right setting. That's the only way to create excellent technology that people will be delighted to apply.

Excellence AG is an inspiration to engineers.

Technology is made by people for people. That is why the goal of the engineering business is to develop user-friendly solutions. It's a demanding field, not only for the individual – but also when it comes to teamwork. That's why, in addition to technical qualifications, we believe in personal values such as authenticity and honesty. Success is founded on the appreciation of all participants in a project.

We create added value for our clients.

"The client is very important, and our client satisfaction is top priority."
We strive for excellence in service. We're good listeners. Our goal is to understand the needs and concerns of our clients, to offer them innovative solutions and top-notch service. We take a proactive approach and complete each stage of the project development and production process to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We're constantly looking for ways to improve.

"Nothing is so good that it can't be made even better."
Each of us is an expert in their field, and we ask ourselves every day how something can be done better today than it was done yesterday. We work as a team, bring in new ideas and aren't afraid to try new things. We learn from mistakes and give it our all, day in and day out. We want to work smarter not harder!

Working together for a common goal.

"One for all, and all for one."
We may be strong as individuals, but together we are invincible. We are a team, and we all pull together. Together, we can make the impossible possible. We find the best solutions. We learn from each other, exchange ideas and work in teams. We love what we do, and we care about people.

We have respect for every individual.

"Treat other people as you would have them treat you."
We respect ourselves, our colleagues, business partners, family and friends, all cultures, different views and needs. We are honest and open-minded. We give fair feedback. We accept responsibility. We respect opinions, even when we don't agree with them. We learn from one another.




Vera Calasan
Vorstandsvorsitzende (CEO)


Gerjan Mazenier
Vorstand (CFO/ COO)



Janine Kielon


Robert Winkler


Julius Steinhauer


Jan Nissen


Alexander Haase


Patrick Göbel-Marienfeld



Ramon Kinneging



Janine Kratochvil
ZN Österreich


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Innovation made in Germany


Your development with diversity.

We offer individual education opportunities and adapt the professional development plan to the needs of the individual. We are a diverse team, coming from a variety of cultural, as well professional backgrounds from countless different sectors. This diversity leads to excellent solutions for our clients.

Our national presence and international projects.

We serve clients from our locations across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. We offer interesting work across all sectors without requiring a permanent move. We are successfully implementing trail-blazing projects in Europe, America and Asia. International project experience is enriching to those who seek it out. But those who prefer to stay close to home are also welcome!

We're looking for committed engineers, technicians and sales engineers.

You're prepared to offer high-quality service while putting people first. You're also willing to take on responsibility and always have the needs of your business environment clearly in mind. You are highly flexible, committed and pro-active. You have a degree in a technical or commercial field or comparable training and, ideally, 1 to 3 years of professional experience.

Become EXCELLENCE now!


Your career with Excellence.

At our company, you'll enjoy a working environment full of variety and room for long-term development and evolution. We'll offer you the flexibility to work freely in a cooperative, open environment with flat hierarchies and a fair and friendly attitude between co-workers.

Your prospects in our projects.

We know what's important to our employees. That's why we offer you valuable and diverse prospects in a variety of sectors, mostly in companies that emphasize development and production. We understand that engineers are looking for exciting work in technology. We offer a wide range of leading-edge projects, especially in digitalization, also known as Industry 4.0.

Our responsibility for your recovery.

We take responsibility for our employees. We provide among other things a long continued pay period for illness. At Excellence, employees have the option of reducing their work hours or working from home if their job allows for it. Life is just as important as work. That's why we aim for a healthy balance between the two. We offer 30 days of vacation and maintain a work hour’s account for our teams, which can be compensated with time off.




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